Ryder Damen

Aug 11, 2019

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Resources for LGBTQ+ people in technology

Being a LGBTQ+ person working in the technology field can present some unique challenges. Here are a list of community, online, and other resources that can help with career development, questions, and community building.

Have a suggestion? I’m keeping a GitHub repository of resources. Feel free to add a pull request (or if you don’t know how, just tweet me).

lgbtq.technology — A Slack Workspace for LGBTQ+ people in technology

lgbtq.technology — A Slack Workspace

lgbtq.technology — Website

Filled with thousands of members, hundreds of channels, and countless messages, the lgbtq.technology slack workspace is a great resource for asking questions, staying up to date, and discussing things with queer folks in technology across the globe. The workspace requires an invitation, which can be requested from the main site. Once you sign up, you can join channels for career development, location-based discussions, or really everything — it’s a huge community with lots of active members.

Venture Out — Toronto LGBTQ+ Conference

Venture Out — Website

Venture Out is an annual LGBTQ+ oriented tech conference based in Toronto. The conference aims to connect LGBTQA+ people in technology to various career opportunities, role models, and each other. The organization also holds smaller events in the Toronto area throughout the year. While most of the job opportunities presented at the event are Canadian-based, the event is attended by larger organizations with international offices.

Out In Tech — Community Organization

Out In Tech — Community Organization

Out In Tech — Website

Out In Tech is a nonprofit community organization with over 30,000 members, and chapters in many major US cities. The organization puts on talks, events, and social gatherings in various cities, allowing the LGBTQ+ technology community to meet and interact.

StartOut — LGBTQ Entrepreneurial Resources

StartOut — Website

StartOut is an organization dedicated to developing and providing resources to LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. While not strictly limited to technology, the jump between software engineering and entrepreneurship is made often by people in our field. The organization provides resources, and even an accelerator program for companies with LGBTQ+ co-founders.

I’ll be updating this from time to time with new resources. In the mean time, feel free to check this GitHub repository for the latest community-sourced organizations for the LGBTQ+ community.

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