Willingness To Let Go — An Exceptional Management Quality

One of my best managers told me to let them know when I was looking to move on to bigger and better things. They wanted to help me grow in my career, and if that meant moving on from the company, then they were willing to help me make that transition.

I’ve been lied to many times in my career, so I had a lot of trouble trusting that statement, but it turned out to be refreshingly genuine. Even though my leaving would create more work for my manager (hiring is tough) their primary concern was helping me grow in a career and achieve my goals. For me, this is a mark of an exceptional leader. The concept seems relatively simple, but it’s something I don’t often find in management styles.

Of course, this isn’t always going to be possible with all management, especially those bound by a fiduciary duty. That said, for the vast majority of the management world, I believe this is a quality to be celebrated, praised, and encouraged.

What are your thoughts?



Ryder Damen is a DevOps engineer by day, and also a DevOps engineer by night. He enjoys travelling, trying new things and making the web a stranger place.

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